In my dreams…
I am a racecar driver. Identity unknown. The thrill of the ride rushes through me at every race. I am alive with adrenaline.

In reality …
I am a designer with almost two decades of experience (and an obsession with cars).

I travel the vast roads of design, building bridges and constructing new avenues as I journey. My experience includes everything from production to creative, accomplishing larger-than-life billboards and detailed packaging.

During my attendance at Rowan University, I embarked on my first design job working in-house for a specialty food store. From there, I traveled to a design firm in Atlantic City where my focus was on packaging and production for electronic houses and collateral for casinos.

My days at Madcow Design are charged with variety. I have worked with large corporations to mass produce SKUs of packaging for international sale. Simultaneously, I have worked closely with local bands to hand-produce collateral for show distribution.

Invite me to team with your business. I possess the skills and talent needed to accelerate your success. Let’s leave your competition in the dust.